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MQ-3B alcohol sensor with Sensor alcohol detection MQ-3
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MQ-3B alcohol sensor with Sensor alcohol detection MQ-3 #63846

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Product Description

MQ-3 alcohol sensor:
The gas-sensitive material used in the semiconductor alcohol sensor MQ-3B is tin dioxide (SnO2) with low conductivity in clean air. When alcohol vapor is present in the environment in which the sensor is located, the conductivity of the sensor increases as the concentration of alcohol in the air increases. The change in conductivity can be converted to an output signal corresponding to the gas concentration using a simple circuit. The MQ-3B gas sensor is highly sensitive to alcohol and is resistant to gasoline, smoke, and water vapor. This sensor detects multiple concentrations of alcohol and is a low cost sensor for a variety of applications.

MQ-3B alcohol sensor features:
Good sensitivity to alcohol gas
Long life, low cost
Simple drive circuit

MQ-3B Alcohol Sensor's  Application :

Vehicle alcohol gas alarm
Industrial alcohol gas alarm
Portable alcohol gas detector

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